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The MEDMA Group of Medical Companies is an association of medical networks and companies that operate in Russia and neighboring countries. MEDMA's mission is to provide advanced medical care to everyone.


Medical centers
Cities in Russia
and neighboring countries

The principles of MEDMA

focus on specialized medical care

Because of our networked expertise in specific therapeutic areas, we can provide truly high-quality medical care. MEDMA's portfolio in 2022 includes six highly specialized medical networks.

clinics outfitted with expert-level equipment

Only cutting-edge technology has the potential to fundamentally transform health care as a whole.

advanced medical care available to everyone

MEDMA is committed to opening clinics in even the most remote areas as well as participating in free medical care programs to ensure that all Russian citizens have access to advanced medical care.

expertise in medicine across all divisions of the Group

The Group includes not only clinics and laboratory diagnostic facilities but also instrument sterilization companies, an import company for medical equipment, and IT developers. All of them have expertise in medicine, allowing for synergistic results across all the MEDMA divisions.

President’s Speech

Dear Friends!

The development of healthcare in Russia is a collaborative strategic task in which public-private partnership is critical to success. This agenda was announced by the President in 2009, and it is now being implemented for all citizens of the country.

MEDMA has already opened more than 80 clinics of various profiles through a public-private partnership.
In 2020–2022, despite significant economic changes, MEDMA continued with the planned opening of new centers in several business areas. These include cancer treatment, dialysis, cardiology, reproductive health, and laboratory research.

We are committed to working in all regions of Russia, including the most remote. Cooperation with the countries of the former Soviet Union holds great promise for us as well. I am convinced that medical care in Russia and the CIS countries must and will meet modern international standards.
Yulay B.Magadeyev
President, MEDMA Group of Companies

private partnership


  • Concession agreements
  • Lease agreements with investment commitments
  • Life cycle contracts for medical equipment
  • Reconstruction of preventive healthcare facilities; finishing and commissioning half-constructed facilities
  • Lease agreements


  • High-quality and affordable medical care for its citizens, which increases their life expectancy and quality.
  • Simple and transparent monitoring of allocating budgetary funds for the provision of medical services under compulsory health insurance.
  • Reduction or complete absence of the burden on the budget for the maintenance and equipment of preventive health care facilities.
  • Additional inflow of revenues to the regional treasury due to the newly created structure.
  • Guaranteed continuity of services with cutting-edge equipment maintenance.