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MEDMA, the Group of medical companies is an association of medical networks and medical companies throughout the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. Our mission - modern medicine for everyone


Medical centers
Cities in Russia
and neighboring countries

“MEDMA” Philosophy

focus on specialized medicine

High medical network expertise in a certain area allows us to provide truly high-quality medical services. The MEDMA family has 6 specialized medical networks in 2022.

expert class equipment in the clinics

Only advanced technologies may lead to transformation of healthcare in general

modern medicine for everyone

MEDMA opens clinics even in the most remote areas, working under programs of free public medical care, in order to ensure that all citizens of the Russian Federation have access to modern medicine.

medicine is the main activity for all companies in the Group

The Group of companies is comprised not only of the clinics and laboratory diagnostics, but also includes companies engaged in sterilization of instruments, import of medical equipment, IT development with sufficient level of expertise in medical issues. All these factors allow to achieve synergy and effectiveness of all MEDMA divisions.

President’s Speech

Dear Friends!

Development of healthcare in the Russian Federation is an overall strategic task that could be successfully implemented via public private partnership. This trend was set back in 2009 by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and years later every citizen of the country may see its practical implementation.

In the framework of the public private partnership MEDMA launched over 80 medical clinics of various profiles.
In 2020-2022, despite the significantly changing economic conditions, MEDMA is planning to open new centers in several areas of its activities: oncology, dialysis, cardiology, reproductive health, and laboratory research.

We are determined to work in all, even the most distant regions of Russia. We consider cooperation with the countries of the near abroad to be a promising vector. I am convinced that medical care in the Russian Federation and the former CIS countries must and will comply with the most advanced international standards.
Yulay B.Magadeyev
President, MEDMA Group of Companies

private partnership

Types of public private partnershi in medma portfolio :

  • Concession agreements
  • Lease agreements with investment commitments
  • Life cycle contracts for medical equipment
  • Redesign of health care facilities, finishing and commissioning of th suspended buildings
  • Leasing contracts

the partner represented by the state receives:

  • Providing the population with high-quality and affordable medical care, which affects the increase in the duration and quality of life of citizens
  • A simple and transparent procedure for monitoring the distribution of budget funds for the provision of medical services under the CHI
  • Reduction or complete absence of the burden on the budget for the maintenance and equipment of the health care facility infrastructure
  • Additional inflow of revenues to the treasury of the region due to the newly created structure.
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted provision of services due to modern equipment maintenance.


MEDMA Group of Medical Companies is a team of dedicated medical experts. Doctors and nurses in the first turn. We highly value the contribution of each employee in the overall results and are proud of the fact that we were able to gather a team of professional medical lawyers, logists, accountants, programmers, marketers, economists, administrators, business analysts, managers - everyone who invests their time, professional skills and a piece of their souls in the development of the Group and expansion of therapeutic options for patients.

We welcome the development every team member and invest in special trainings.

It is really interesting to grow with us, implement ambitious projects and see how the efforts help in transformation of healthcare of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries to the highest global standards.